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I’m Laura Khalil, CEO of Force of Badassery where I help creative, bold, driven womxn succeed at building a profitable freelance business doing what they love.

I don’t care what anyone has told you about freelancing -- it doesn’t have to be so hard.

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Whether you’re still in your 9-5 secretly dying to get out, or spinning your wheels as a freelancer stuck in boom and bust cycles, there is another way.

I began freelancing in 2013 when I was laid off from (yet another) job at a tech startup in San Francisco. Although I am incredible at what I do and have received glowing reviews over my years from my counterparts, I was penalized for my confidence, assertiveness, bold personality, and drive. 

Ever hear comments like this before?

“You need to smile more.”

“You’re so emotional.

“Why can’t you just lighten up?”

“You’re intimidating the guys in the boardroom.”

Instead of receiving praise for the same assets male leaders were, I was shamed and challenged. 

After my final lay off I decided to launch my marketing consultancy, and in just six weeks landed my first Fortune 500 client. I have since built that business into multiple six figures, working with name brands such as Twitter, Intel, GE and more on global initiatives. 

It didn’t come from working myself to the bone, either. It came from valuing myself and working with clients who appreciate my work.

If you are a womxn with a fire in her belly, creativity in her veins, and a desire to live your life on your terms, I want you to know you can do the same. 

Now, not only do I get to show others how to create their own success through my Executive Coaching clients and speaking at events, I have the freedom to pursue my other creative passions. 

I’ve had the opportunity to perform storytelling at The Moth, RISK!, Detroit Women of Comedy Festival, Detroit Stories, Go Comedy! and Planet Ant. I’m also the co-founder Detroit Writer’s Collective and Creative Salon, an artistic gathering in unique spaces. 

Do you want to keep being penalized for your intelligence, drive, and personality, or become wildly successful as an expert and a leader? 

Join me on the path of success by building your profitable business. You can start by downloading your free guide Six Steps To Successful Freelancing:

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I’m personally dedicated to seeing powerful, talented womxn like you build a fulfilling business that thrives. It doesn’t have to be hard, and yes you are worth it. Take back the wheel and step into a life and career that’s just as possible for you as the next successful woman. 

You are a force of badassery and it’s time that you’re wildly paid for it. 

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