Want to improve your life? Do this...

Let's talk about FAILURE.


It's a dirty word.

But when we only shine a light on our successes, we create an unrealistic expectation for ourselves (and for those who admire our work). We buy into this cult of perfectionism that helps fuel our anxiety and negative self-talk. 

The lessons to be learned from our failures are EQUALLY AS VALUABLE as the lessons learned from our successes.

Success leaves clues, but so does failure.

In fact, my biggest "failures" were my greatest learning opportunities. They were my biggest breakthroughs, my largest leaps forward and my greatest transformations.

I'll tell you about one.

I had a special kind of penchant for getting laid off. I'm pretty sure I have an honorary Ph.D. in it. I have always been headstrong, confident and not afraid to speak my mind. I never mastered office politics - I just wanted it straight and that’s how I gave it. As a woman this was a huge challenge in the corporate world.

The first time I was 22 and let go from a gift shop right before Christmas because I couldn't wrap gifts quickly enough. 

FWIW, I still suck at wrapping gifts.

The last time I was 32 and working like a madwoman at a technology startup that decided to can the marketing department one morning and start over. 

In between those 10 years, there were at least three more layoffs. 

That was hard. Really really hard. There were many times in those years that I questioned my ability to do my job and my worth. 

At 32 I had to ask myself if I could go through this for another 40 years. And the only answer I could accept was HELL NO.

When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, you’re ready for a breakthrough.

Those headstrong, confident and opinionated traits became my biggest strengths as an entrepreneur. Those traits are the reasons clients trust me and want to work with me. The fire that burned in me after my last layoff was the FUEL that drove me to follow my own path.

I wouldn't have gotten here without those failures.

So next time you’re convinced you’ve failed, why don’t you ask yourself what clues your failures are teaching you?

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