You Are What You Believe

When I was growing up, I was a talented flute player. I won awards, made first chair in a number of bands and orchestras only a couple years after I began playing and eventually travelled around Europe playing at festivals as a teenager. You could say I had a knack for it. But my dreams of becoming a flautist never went beyond high school. You wouldn't believe how many times my dad would tell me, "You'll never make money doing THAT."

And eventually, I believed him. So I kept my love of music, but put down the flute forever.

But here's the truth: I stopped myself before I even gave myself a chance. So who knows what would've happened?

What if we stopped telling ourselves with such certainty that we'll never be able to do A, B or C and instead asked:

"How can I use my ingenuity and talent to make money doing what I love?"

Case in point, I was thrilled to see this article today about an artist collective doing exactly that!

This 140-Person Art Collective Is Pursuing an Alternative Model for Artists to Make a Living


"Since the Santa Fe-based art collective Meow Wolf opened its permanent installation, the House of Eternal Return, in March 2016, the project has been an unmitigated success in terms of viewership and profits. Housed in a 20,000-square-foot former bowling alley, the sprawling interactive artwork welcomed 400,000 visitors in its first year—nearly four times as many as expected—and brought in $6 million in revenue for the collective’s more than 100 members."

Making money doing what you love often means finding an ingenious solution. It's only out of your reach if you never create a master plan to tackle it.


Laura Khalil is an advisor to some the world's largest brands on marketing strategy and leadership. Her work has been inducted into the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame and her clients have been featured at TED.

She also works as a female empowerment coach, leading workshops, talks and 1:1 coaching to help women empower themselves in all areas of their life.

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