Why Women Need Verbal Self-Defense


A few nights ago a group of incredible women came together to join me in learning the simple, but powerful techniques of Verbal Self-Defense.

When I asked these women what prompted them to take the workshop, here were some of the responses:

❌"I've been screamed at by complete strangers for being Muslim, asked if I support genital mutilation and why I was oppressing myself by wearing a hijab."

❌"I was forced to hire you because you're a woman." - first day of work.

❌"Women don't belong in engineering." - a male colleague told a female counterpart.

❌"Your parents raised a good girl." - a male colleague to the younger woman on the team.


And what happens in these situations? We freeze. We shut down and consequently, people think it's OK to talk this way.

This isn't a man vs woman issue either. At some point we have all said something to stun someone into silence.

But women have it especially hard because when we speak up for ourselves, we're called the b word. When men speak up for themselves they're called assertive.

I want to tell you this - speaking up for yourself isn't being difficult. It's showing people how you expect to be treated.

At the end of the workshop, the women left smiling and laughing and one came up to me exclaiming, "I feel so empowered now!"

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Laura KhalilComment