Do You Feel Like You Keep Repeating the Past? #1 Key to Breaking Patterns

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Have you ever felt like you keep repeating the past? 

  • You leave one job hoping the next will be better and you just find the same problems all over again? 

  • You break up with one guy and then you find yourself dating someone who brings up the same issues and in frustration you think, “All guys are the same!”

  • Or maybe it’s holiday time with the family and you’re promising yourself that this year will be different, but then one of your parents hits a trigger button and BOOM! there’s an argument and you feel like you’re 5 all over again?

All I can say is ME TOO. We all have these kinds of stories. And we seem to keep replaying them in our lives over and over. If you’re ready to turn this around, keep reading.

The best predictor of the future is past behavior. But if you’re tired of being on the merry-go-round and want to choose something different, here’s how:

The only way to create new stories is to find gratitude for the past ones. (Click to tweet).

Some of you know that when I worked as a full-time employee I kept on attracting bosses that would tell me to smile more, “tone it down” and soften my language because the men in the boardroom were actually intimidated by me (even though I was talking just like them). 

And this happened over and over. I couldn’t escape these bosses. And over the years it just got worse and worse until I finally got the message. 


The moment I started my own business is the moment all those skills, I realized that my prior bosses were my greatest teachers. They taught me how to stand up for myself, how to embody grace under pressure, how to work with fragile egos, how to employ a woman’s superpower of empathy to read a room and so much more. 

They were also my rocket fuel to make my consulting business a success. 

Your greatest challenges are really your greatest gifts in disguise. (Click to tweet).

And because of that, I flipped the script. I found gratitude for those experiences because they were the training grounds for me to develop the integrity, professionalism and drive to stand among the C-Suite and pitch my business to Fortune 500 companies. I already had the natural skills of being a leader, but they helped me hone those skills. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. 

This week, I challenge you to find gratitude for the past. How have your challenges really been gifts in disguise? Tell me below in the comments.

Laura Khalil aka Force of Badassery is a personal development trainer focused on women's empowerment. She has spoken with audiences at Creative Mornings, Zingtrain, Consumers Energy, Ladies Get Paid, Intermitten and more on developing clarity, courage and confidence. She has worked with Twitter, Intel, Intuit, GE and more on telling compelling, connected stories to their audiences.