What to do when you outgrow someone?

When we experience a “growth spurt” in our careers, relationships or personal development, it can be exciting AND scary. Moving to the next level can leave us without our old support structures. 

Our old friends can’t advise us because they’ve never done what we’ve accomplished, or maybe they’re jealous, or simply don’t “get it”. 

And you can’t drag them along, either. A butterfly can no longer take comfort in its chrysalis, just as a snake can no longer fit back into its oldskin! 

I share this because I want you to know that nothing is ever truly lost - it just changes into a new, more useful form. 

If you feel like you’re lacking support, look for how it’s appearing in a new form. It could be through new friends, lovers, coworkers, an old friend who has reappeared, the barista at your coffee shop, a random text, an insightful paragraph in a book or a helpful piece of advice you heard on your commute. 

You’re never alone 💙

Laura KhalilComment