Afraid to let your family down? Read this.

We're all raised with certain values our family teaches us. And depending on the type of family you come from, you may have learned not to rock the boat.

So what happens when we go along with things that don't feel true to us?

Here's what my clients have shared:

  • We go to medical school when we want to be an artist

  • We hold back on the fullest expression of our creative projects if they might seem risqué.

  • We lie about important things in our lives to appease mom and dad.

  • We fear telling our parents their religious traditions may not resonate with us.

  • We date or marry people based on if our parents will approve and not based on if they bring us joy and fulfillment.

Paradoxically, every time we step away from our authentic selves to please mom and dad, we actually move further and further away from connecting with them.

While we can't change our parents views and values, we can remember that each time we can be totally honest we do our part to invite connection.

It's important to remember that while our parents love us, they are most invested in our safety. That's their biological imperative - raise kids to be safe and continue the family line. When you do something out of the norm, that differs from how they have lived their lives, it's inherently scary for them and it's important we have empathy for where they're coming from.

For many people, we're afraid we're not lovable if our parents don't validate our lives. But how can we step into our badass selves if we're too afraid to rock the boat?

So what's to be done?

I'm doing a free webinar on Facebook Live on June 26th at noon ET to talk about the Three Traits of Badass Women. In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to deal when you're confronted with disapproval from someone you care about.

  • What women who seem totally unstoppable have learned about approval.

  • The surprising thing badasses know about giving and receiving love.

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