Laura Khalil, Executive Coach

Laura and her labradoodle/muppet, Violet.

Laura and her labradoodle/muppet, Violet.

If you’re new to coaching, think of me as your co-pilot. You’re flying the plane, but I’m here when you hit turbulence and devoted to helping you land safely at your next destination.

I believe you can do whatever it is you want, as long has you have a strong foundation built on self-worth. That’s where I bring in tools, mindset shifts and guidance to help.

Together we build your personal playbook for success.

I also work tactically with my clients on everything from reviewing pitch decks and corporate communications to providing practical feedback based on running a branding consultancy working with Silicon Valley’s most prominent companies.

Executive coaching is a monthly commitment that includes 1:1 time with me as well as access to me via text and email.

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When I met Laura, I was struggling to understand how I could navigate from where I was in my career to where I wanted to go. While no one could give me an exact roadmap, Laura gave me everything I needed to move forward on my journey. She listened to me, understood my goals, told me what I should look for along the way, and encouraged me to trust my inner sense of direction. It took time, but I when I found the opportunity I was looking for it, I knew it immediately. Laura truly empowers people to be the best version of themselves — in all aspects of life. I’m so grateful to have her leadership and mentorship in my life. An investment in Laura’s services is an investment in yourself and your success.
— Heidi Craun