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The Elixir of Love: Why We Choose The Lovers We Choose

Do you keep falling for the same type of guy? Or do you keep attracting the wrong kind of partners? If you've answered yes to either of these questions, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop, you'll learn that the people we fall in love with it not random nor by chance. There are a variety of beliefs, behaviors and unconscious factors working behind the scenes that help determine why we choose the lovers we choose. 

Using the latest research in clinical and social psychology, we'll explore the factors that influence who we "fall for" and how we can make better choices. 

Each participant will receive a workbook with exercises that provide practical guidance to make more informed choices about who we choose to love. 

This workshop is appropriate for singles and non-singles alike who are interested in exploring the psychology of love. 

Laura is a women's empowerment champion and host of popular sex and relationship podcast, Sexistential Crisis. She has spoken on stage about entrepreneurship, women’s issues, relationships and courage at Creative Mornings, Zingtrain, Ladies Get Paid, Intermitten and more.

Today she works with women who want to learn how to discover and harness their power to improve their relationships, careers and impact their communities. She is devoted to helping women experience awesome shame-free sex and fulfilling relationships.