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Verbal Self-Defense: Learn to Speak Up for Yourself at Work

Have you been mansplained, talked over, interrupted, and had credit taken for something you just said by a man in the boardroom?

Typically when we are in these situations we freeze, and only think minutes or hours later of how we should have responded!

In this workshop you'll learn how to break the freeze response and handle these challenging situations with grace. Using techniques from martial arts and hostage negotiation, you'll learn to respond, in the moment, de-escalate the situation and regain your power when you feel powerless.

In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn the fundamentals of verbal self-defense that will help you:

*ask for the things your heart desires but has been too scared to say aloud

*put forward your ideas and projects in a male dominated board room

*confidently address catcalling, unwanted sexual innuendo, mansplaining, interrupting and credit taking

This workshop is taught by women’s empowerment champion, Laura Khalil.

Laura Khalil teaches women to awaken the power they have within themselves and use it to become their best advocates. She helps women who have stayed silent in the face of mansplaining, interrupting, over talking, credit taking and minimization, become better negotiators, advance their careers and experience awesome relationships with men.

Laura has spoken to audiences at The Moth, Women 2.0, Intermitten, Ladies Get Paid, Bamboo Detroit, Creative Mornings, Zingtrain, Consumers Energy and more on women's empowerment, developing self-confidence, courageous living, finding clarity in your life, career growth, relationship mastery and productivity.