Do you feel like freelancing is a never-ending battle? 

Instead of fueling your dreams of financial freedom and working with big name clients, in reality, freelancing has become trap of disappointment and exhaustion.

You’re either a full-time freelancer who feels like a fraud… because of how little income you make and working with clients who don’t understand the value you provide. 

Or you’re freelancing on the side while stuck in your tech or corporate job… as you try to figure out an exit strategy that earns you enough income as you make right now.

You just can’t seem to make this freelance thing take off, even though you know you provide incredible service.

You know you’re ready to move past this struggle, but you’re scared of taking the wrong steps of action.

Learn the steps every successful freelancer takes to creating a profitable, lucrative business


You know you’re qualified to be paid highly for your skills, but you have no idea how to find well paying clients without a staffing agency or relying on referrals. 

And sure, the idea of making six-figures sounds nice, but it seems next to impossible without exhausting yourself. 

Have you ever wondered: 

  • What other successful freelancers know that you don’t

  • If it’s already this hard, how much harder will it be just to gain some traction

  • Where high paying clients come from and what makes them hire someone

  • What the key to online marketing is without spending 24 hours a day on social

  • What a successful freelance career actually looks like behind the scenes

  • If it’s possible to rely on referrals consistently with much marketing

  • Whether or not you should go back to/stick with working for someone else

Then you need to follow the six steps to creating a successful freelance business so you can stop spinning your wheels, stressing out about finances, and feel confident that you have control over your livelihood.



Hi! I’m Laura Khalil, Executive Coach and founder of Force of Badassery. I teach womxn like you how to build a lucrative, six-figure freelance business with confidence and ease.

When I was laid off from my tech startup job in 2013, I made a fierce decision to never let myself be unappreciated or unvalued again. I had been in the tech bubble for over six years, and job after job, I dealt with sexism, lack of recognition, and the ‘disadvantage’ of being a bold, confident, and driven woman. I was continuously met with comments like:

  • “Smile more!”

  • “You’re so emotional.”

  • “Why can’t you just lighten up?”

  • “You need to soften your language.”

  • “You’re intimidating the guys in the boardroom.”

Enough was enough. 

“When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, you’ll transform”. With my last layoff, I knew I couldn’t go back into full time employment.

Once I was laid off, I knew right away that I wasn’t just going to start my own business, I was going to be respected for my personality and value, while creating consistent success without working myself into the ground. I was going to charge what I was worth and work with high end clients who would pay me for it. 

Six weeks in and I landed my first $6,500 retainer from a Fortune 500 company.

Six weeks later, a Fortune 5. Then another. I have now worked with the world’s largest brands, delivering my valuable skills and expertise without watering down who I am to make others feel comfortable.

By staying true to who I was, I was able to build a multi-six figure consulting business. 

I didn’t work myself to the bone, desperately taking ‘whatever I could get’, either.

You can do the same and it doesn’t have to be as hard as it is right now.

Six-figures may seem like a far cry for you when you really just want to make a couple thousand. But by following my six step process, which are the exact steps I took to land my first high paying client, you can have the same profitability and nourishing lifestyle.

Oh, and instead of being called “the bitch” you’ll be valued as a leader…

...and as a womxn. 

When you have the right foundation in place, you can feel confident and see results without working yourself into the ground.

Start taking the six steps to a successful freelance career and end the hustle, struggle, and constant frustration that’s keeping you stuck. These six steps are exactly what you need if you are ready to:

  • Quit your job for good without needing to hold on to going back as a “back up” 

  • No longer put up with workplace sexism or the battle to earn positions you deserved years ago

  • Receive the appreciation, respect, and instilled confidence you deserve for your intelligence

  • Be paid really, really well for the expertise you’ve worked years to develop

  • Feel deeply fulfilled working with companies who make a larger impact 

  • Live a freedom-based lifestyle where you can travel and pursue other creative outlets

  • Consistently generate more income than you ever have working for someone else

Learn the six steps to building a lucrative, successful freelance career today:


With Love,

Laura Khalil, Force of Badassery